To Traverse

by Walkers

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Collection of five tracks of raw and real hardcore.


released April 29, 2011

All songs written by Walkers. Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Tom Colello. Cover art by Adam Hecht.



all rights reserved


Walkers New York, New York

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Track Name: Crossing The Atlantic
the sun sets on our dying city
we stay out passed the light
where no one can see our bidding
we're plotting a revolt
against sleep and all that it brings

we're breeding change
we're breeding change in our hearts

it took us just how long before we started things off right
I'm thankful for the night where
it took us just too long to stand hand in hand
why were we scared?

where we know this love it grows and lasts forever
Track Name: The Spirit, The Body, The Ailment Of
it's seems you caught that bullet
the piercing gaze from his eyes to yours
remind you of all your faults
your weakness
and the way you drowned in those lies
you don't deserve this

it won't ever get better
each time he opens his mouth
you're falling for it
you're falling for him
falling where you can't be clean

your spirit's getting weaker
your body's getting thinner
the gurney and the ambulance
come to cart you away

let go
before your frame gives way
let go
before this struggle longs to stay
Track Name: Exponents
the air leaves, but never long enough

rip the blinds down right of the walls
they won't mean much

where we're going
we'll see right through you
this time we won't stop short

we're burning brighter with every day

the air escapes

catch what you can
it's never going to be our home
so go

rip your eyes out
right to this song
you don't mean much
Track Name: Guardian Gone
my guardian gone
she left not a note
in the blink of an eye
no hugs or goodbyes

and I screamed your name

at the top of my lungs
in those dreams
where you saw me
as I was
a little kid
so free

I can't feel the warmth of your love
come through me
I can't feel the joy in this world
come through me

so scared
like I was when I saw
you left this life
and I'm not
strong enough
to see your grave

I can't feel the warmth of your love
the sound of your voice
your hand on my head
I need to hear you tell me that this will all be okay
Track Name: To Traverse
we've come so far to get here
through waters once tainted with ill blood
too long the past consumed us
too long we've failed

it's time we put the past behind us

this song is proof that we can move on from this

it's time we put the past behind us
and grow up before we grow too old
it's time to make amends

we've come so far to get here
now let the past wash away